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Criminal Background Checks
posted by 322 at 06-29-05 at 9:20 PM
Is anyone currently conducting criminal background checks on candidates? What are your policies if a background check comes back listing a felony, etc?

Background Checks
posted by Catherine Brown at 06-29-05 at 9:48 PM
We currently do background checks on all new hires. We use References We do not discriminate against someone because they have a felony, we are looking to make sure that they did not lie or mislead anything on their application. I think there could be discrimnation against your company against hiring someone with a felony unless you are a federal or state agency or there is a job stipulation which would prevent them from perfoming the job. If you need further clarification please feel free to email me at I also do consulting work as well for any needs that your company may need.

Criminal Background Checks
posted by Karen Nowak PHR at 07-15-05 at 9:12 AM
We do a background check on all final candidates. If a felony hit is found there is a review done to evaluate the conviction against the risks to clients and co-workers. Time elapsed and successful work record since the event is also examined. Of course if the employment application question regarding convictions is not correctly answered a decision may be made based on dishonesty. We use an on-line service, First Advantage (formerly Hire Check). If an adverse hiring decision is made based on a report, there is a detailed notice and appeal process required by FCRA. Feel free to contact me at 716-332-2373 with questions.