Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion Director Contact:


Andrea Todaro


Innovative Placements

(e) atodaro@innovativeplacementswny.com

(p) 716-883-1793



Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members:


Ashley Cuthbertson

Sue Czyrny, SPHR

Joel Feuerman

Andrea Harden

Heather Okoro, SPHR

Dale Martin

Dennis Martinez

Christina Schweitzer

David Clarence Scott

Georgia Whitney



SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Video : http://youtu.be/QOsGOxi_U74


Read Diversity and Inclusion Director Andrea Todaro's interviews with 

Dennis Martinez, Regional Business Relations Coordinator of ACCESS-VR (June 2015)

Joel Feuerman, HR Manager with the Home Depot (Nov 2013)



The Diversity and Inclusion Conference October 6 & 7, 2013.

Andrea Todaro, BNHRA's Diversity and Inclusion Director met with leaders at the conference.

NYS SHRM Diversity Director, Fannie Glover (left) and BNHRA Diversity and Inclusion Director, Andrea Todaro(right)
Eric Peterson, Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives (seated) and BNHRA Diversity and Inclusion Director, Andrea Todaro
BNHRA Diversity and Inclusion Committee Mission
To foster awareness and appreciation of workplace diversity issues among HR professionals, their employers and other business leaders.

To assist BNHRA members in managing a diverse workforce by providing diversity-related materials, workplace tools, publications and linkages to other organizations.

Our focus is to make the business case for diversity and to value individual differences.

What is Workplace Diversity and Inclusion?

Workplace diversity involves the qualities, experiences and work styles that make individuals unique. Our goal is to help organizations maximize these qualities in support of their business objectives.

Some Areas Related to Diversity and Inclusion

Generational differences

Business case for diversity

Gender differences


Compensation & Benefits

Managing diversity

Sustaining diversity initiatives

Religious differences
Race, ethnicity differences

Conflict resolution


Glass ceiling

For more information on diversity, SHRM members can visit the Diversity Focus Area at www.shrm.org/diversity